Give your web and mobile apps the power to build meaningful customer interactions with our real-time messaging services.

Messaging made easy

Create meaningful communications experiences with SMS. Integrate VoIP Essential carrier-grade SMS capabilities for real-time communications and enhanced customer experience.

VoIP Essential’s SMS capabilities can easily be integrated into applications vie an API to create seamless customer experiences that deliver intelligent, personalized text interactions.

Toll-free & long code messaging

VoIP Essential toll-free and long code messaging allows customers to engage in conversational SMS communications with a dedicated and identifiable phone number.

Short code messaging

Enhance customer interactions with VoIP Essential's shared and dedicated short codes capable of sending hundreds of messages per second.

Provision number on the fly

Provision text-enabled long code or toll-free phone numbers through the VoIP Essential API or manage portal.

Immediate access to SMS records

Troubleshoot messaging errors and maximize SMS deliverability with the use of Delivery Receipts.

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