Contact Centers

Reduce Costs, optimize contact rates, increase productivity and maximize profits with our feature packed contact center solutions.

Simple. Affordable. Effective

Increase customer retention and revenue growth through targeted engagements. Confidently deliver the right message, through the right communication channel at the right time. Reduce customer acquisition costs through interactive campaigns and train them longer with targeted communications.

Hosted Dialer Features

Easy To Use

Intuitive, easy to use, straight-forward web interface. Multi-platform support.

Local Touch

Display caller ID based on the destination number for higher contact rates.

Campaign Types

Predictive Dialer, Voice Broadcast Dialer, Inbound/Outbound Blend. Hassle free, super flexible and fully customizable.

DNC Compliance

Automatically scrub your data against an internally maintained historic DNC list. Real-time NDNC scrubbing available, call us for more info.

Area Code Scrub

Easily eliminate calling certain areas based on lead information including area code, city, state, etc.

Customer Support

If you ever need help, we will be there for you. We offer quick, guaranteed support via our email-based ticketing system. 24X7 emergency phone support as well.

Speed and Scalability

Our web interface is extremely fast. We are hosted so we will easily grow with your company, growth is as easy as a phone call away.

CRM Integration

Custom integration with a CRM system of your choice.Choose from one of our already supported CRM partners or Bring Your Own CRM (BYOC). Either way, we got you covered!

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